Parking at Pullman Presbyterian Church
PPC wants to be a blessing to our community, reaching out with hospitality. With our close proximity to campus, we get many requests to park in our lot. Members and attenders are given permits first, followed by a small number of WSU employee permits, with the bulk of our permits going to students. Each August we ask our members, WSU employees, and students who currently hold permits to renew by early August. Any remaining permits are given to students until we have no more.

WSU Employees
We have issued a small number of permits to WSU employees. We will continue to renew the permits to those who hold those permits, but we will no longer issue any new permits to WSU employees.


  • Display permit on your rear view mirror at all times.
  • No overnight parking.
  • Be available to move your car in case of snow plowing, WSU event parking, or church events.
  • Leave the first 8 spaces near the door for staff use.
  • PPC is not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles in our lot.
  • Permits are non-transferable. Permits are issued to one person and vehicle only. Any car using a permit not issued to them will be towed.

Pastor Matt will send text messages to those holding parking permits to let them them know when the parking lot will not be available or when it may be locked up. It is important that you keep your contact information up to date.


Football Game Day:
We are fortunate that our church is so close to campus. Game Days give us an opportunity to fund-raise for parking to fund mission trips and summer camp for our children.
We have made changes to Game Day Parking for the 2019-2020 school year.


Reserved Parking Information

In order to streamline the reservation process in the office we are taking parking reservations only before the season begins. Whether you want to reserve parking for 2 games or the entire season, we need to receive your reservation request and full payment by Friday August 23rd . Reservations received after 8/23/19 will not be accepted. You are still welcome to park in our lot, but you will need to arrive earlier and park on a first come, first serve basis. The parking lot will open 3 hours before kickoff on games that begin before 2 pm. We will open the parking lot 3.5 hours before kick off when games begin after 2 pm. Parking reservations will be held until 1 hour before kickoff. Your parking spot will not be held less than one hour before kick off. Each reserved spot will again be a $30 donation to our Youth Group Funds.

Once your reservation request is received you will be emailed a confirmation listing all the games for which you have a reservation. You do not need your reservation confirmation to enter the parking lot. Your reservation request form will be kept on file for the season so we can refer to it if there are questions. As before, your name will be listed on each game’s reservation list.

General Parking Information

  • The parking lot will open three hours before kick-off for games that begin before 2 pm. When games start later than 2 pm. we will open the parking lot 3.5 hours before kickoff.
  • Unreserved Game Day parking has a suggested donation of $25, cash or check only. Cars are taken on a first come, first serve basis.
  • We are no longer allowing campers, trailers, and RVs to rent space in our parking lot. Our lot is open to the public for passenger vehicles only.
  • You may consume food and beverages in the lot. Please be discreet with beverages and place all garbage in the dumpster. The entry door will be unlocked so you may use the restrooms.

Basketball and other Beasley Events
Sometimes we fund-raise for parking when there will be well-attended basketball games or events at Beasley. The proceeds from fund-raising for parking always go to mission work or sending children to summer camp.

We thank you for supporting our mission work and summer camp by parking with us.